Seminarhaus Pfaffenseifen is a commercial venue owned by two Faeries, Fellina and Lovehändel. They bought the place and started to renovate it in order to make their long lasting dream come true; running a Faerie-style, straight friendly but mainly gay oriented Bed&Breakfast/Seminar Centre in the middle of nature. The place will be prepared to host special workshops and retreats that cannot easily find such a secluded space in nature where they feel safe and friendly welcomed and treated with respect. These mainly gay/spiritual/alternative lifestyle oriented workshops can be Gay Tantra, Nude Yoga or Shamanism etc. or drama workshops, painting courses, biological cooking or anything in between. Main focus is the gay/spiritual/alternative lifestyle, though regular straight groups will be welcomed too, as long as they don’t act oppressively ‘normal’.

Though the ‘Fairy-style’ will be leading, Seminarhaus Pfaffenseifen is not a sanctuary and will not try to be either. Faeries are more than welcome to visit the place and have workshops and/or gatherings at the place. People who are willing to help us run the place will receive a fair reward; volunteers will be offered food, shelter and love if they work for the place and contribute from their hearts. They will have a place to relax en rejuvenate while working and exchange students will be offered a place to live and learn. And of course people will receive payment in cash if they help us in work or projects we do for commercial clients.

Faerie-Gatherings are never organized with a commercial approach and this will not be the case at Pfaffenseifen as well. Participants at a Faerie-Gathering share the costs of the happening, including food and drinks and the money it takes to keep the place up and running. Apart from Faerie-sanctuaries the many different places where Faerie-gatherings happen are always rented, Seminarhaus Pfaffenseifen is no exception to that rule. We will always try to keep the cost as low as possible and apply the NOTAFLOF policy whenever possible. In the spirit of the Faeries, Gatherings organized here are never organized with a commercial goal. Paying the costs makes the Gathering happen and makes the organizers happy, but not rich.

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