Wintergathering 2013-2014

Many gay brothers are feeling the need to come together with their faerie family…

Gathering Call Wintergathering 2013
The Gathering Call
  • To share new insights about ourselves;
  • To dance in the moonlight;
  • To hold, protect, nurture and caress one another;
  • To find the healing place inside our hearts;
  • To be with real family in these dark days;
  • To re-discover/re-invent our myths;
  • To experience the groundedness of the winter woods;
  • To sing, sing, sing;

The Call goes out to all who know that there is more to us than hetero-imitation. To all who are ready to move on. To all who have broken through and are ready to share those breakthroughs with your fairie brothers.

If you are looking for a Winter vacation destination to party with other faggots in the woods, and nothing else, we respectfully ask that you consider another event. If you’ve been to a EuroFaerie Gathering before, then you may remember how much more intimate the gathering felt on the last night compared to the first night. We’re encouraging you to show up and try to recapture that last night magic on the first night, so that we can be there right away, as if we never said goodbye. If you’ve never been to a Gathering before, then close your eyes, look into your heart, and see if now is the time. You are a blessing and you are blessed.

The maximum capacity of the place is 20 people, so the group will stay small. The full Gathering covers Christmas eve as well as NewYears eve, for those who can only stay for a shorter period registration for only the first or the second half is possible. The registration costs are € 300 for the whole Gathering (10 days), including all food and drinks (except alcoholic beverages). If you have a bit more to spend, we’d love you to pay the Golden Winged rate (€ 350), making it possible for other Faeries to pay the subsidized Bronze rate of € 250.

Faeries who are unable to stay for the whole period can register for only the first (including Christmas) or the second half only (including New Year). Registration costs for the first half are € 175 (silver Winged), € 200 (Golden Winged) or € 150 (Bronze). The costs of the second half only are € 150 (silver Winged), € 175 (Golden Winged) or € 125 (Bronze).  NOTAFLOF policy will be applied when possible. More info about the financial and organizational accountability can be found at the financials and the accountability pages.


The following Faeries have registered for the full or a part of the Gathering: LoveBug, Faerenze Centaur, Pixie, Alexis, Tadzio, Theoklymenos, Tumbleweed, Waitari, Mata Hari, The Lady, Bobby-joe, Rurthaler, Mushtag, Marco Mags Zuolega, Black Panther, Yellow Longhair, BonBonnHeidi, ShamJan, LoveHändel and Fellina.

As the Gathering has happened already, registration isn’t possible any more.
We’re giving priority to Faeries wanting to attend the whole Gathering over people registering for only a part of it, because intimacy and trust within the group do benefit from a longer stay.

8 thoughts on “Wintergathering 2013-2014

    • Hi Lovely Prince,
      At this moment we’ve got just one bed left, so if you’re still thinking of coming please let us know your plans, as we might not be able to reserve you a place much longer. We would love you to come and participate though :).
      With Love,

  1. Dear Fellina and Lovehändel,
    I hope you are doing well! At the Austrian gathering in august it was very interesting for me to hear and see about your seminarhouse projekt and especially about the winter gathering. How are the plans going? Maybe there was a gathering call I’ve missed? If there are new informations about the gathering please let me know because I’d be interested to join. Thanks in advance!

      • Hi LoveHandel,

        Great, finally I found this site! I would like to come too, but it’s still not clear how long I would go. I look forward to see each other again!

        Hugs and love

        • Hi lovely longhaired friend,
          Any idea yet about when and for how long you’ll be able to come to the Gathering? We’d love you to be there, especially if it’s for the whole Gathering :). Please let us know what your plans are, because we’re running out of beds soon so we can’t reserve one for you much longer…
          Hoping to see you in Pfaffenseifen,
          LoveHändel and Fellina (and the others 😉

    • Hallo lieber Love Händel und Fellini,

      hab von Eurem Weihnachts-/Neujahrstreffen “Call” leider nix mitbekommen+heute zufällig über Theaklymenos davon erfahren …no Facebook….

      Würde sehr gerne kommen. Aleerdings kann ich nun erst ab dem 29.12.13 bis zum Ende…
      hoffe da gibts noch nen Platz. Fülle gleich alles zum Registrieren aus.

      LG aus Kölle

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