Summergathering: 19-27 July 2014

Summergathering-2014Many gay brothers are feeling the need to come together again with their faerie family…

  • To share new insights about ourselves;
  • To dance in the moonlight;
  • To hold, protect, nurture and caress one another;
  • To find the healing place inside our hearts;
  • To be with real family in natural surroundings;
  • To re-discover/re-invent our myths;
  • To experience the groundedness of the beautiful woods;
  • To sing, dance, drum and play;

The Call goes out to all who know that there is more to us than hetero-imitation. To all who are ready to move on. To all who have broken through and are ready to share those breakthroughs with their fairie brothers.

If you are looking for a Summer vacation destination to party with other faggots and nothing else, we respectfully ask that you consider another event. If you’ve been to a Faerie Gathering before, then you may remember how much more intimate the gathering felt on the last night compared to the first night. We’re encouraging you to show up and try to recapture that last night magic on the first night, so that we can be there right away, as if we never said goodbye. If you’ve never been to a Gathering before, then close your eyes, look into your heart, and see if now is the time. You are a blessing and you are blessed.

The maximum capacity of the place is 21 people, which can be stretched in summertime by adding some tents, so feel free to bring one with you if you’d rather sleep outside, somewhere on the land. The registration costs are € 225 for the whole Gathering (8 days), including all food and drinks (except alcoholic beverages). If you have a bit more to spend, we’d love you to pay the Golden Winged rate (€ 275), making it possible for other Faeries to pay the subsidized Bronze rate (€ 175). NOTAFLOF policy will be applied when possible. More info about the financial and organizational accountability can be found at the financials and the accountability pages.

Open Weekend

open-weekendAfter many requests we decided to add an open weekend to the Gathering, to make it possible for people not yet ready or unable to attend the whole gathering to feel and experience part of the love this gathering will bring. The gathering opens up friday evening until the end (sunday evening), visitors will kindly be invited to take part in the workshops and other things happening and asked to contribute in the costs. No previous gathering-experiences are required, although it could be practical to be prepared for the things that might happen, like nudity and intimacy and exuberancy etc.

Registration form:

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2 thoughts on “Summergathering: 19-27 July 2014

  1. Dear darlings,

    Leuke groep van faeries die er komen!
    Met Faedra wordt het te moeilijkom nog te komen. Daarom heb ik besloten om het Feel free weekend te komen, dus v.a. vrijdag 25e -zo 27e. Dan heeft Wave ook de moglijkheid om met mij mee te rijden.
    Ik breng Faedra die vrijdag naar Amterdam op de TGV en kom daarna naar Pfaffenseifen. Pffff wordt een drukke dag.
    Maar ik doe mijn best te komen en het zal fijn zijn als ik er eenmaal ben! Ik hou op de hoogte.
    xxx+xxx Fauny

  2. Hai Guyssss,
    graag kwam ik de hele week in juli.
    Maar ik krijg franse faerie FAEDRA op bezoek. Hij kan pas 21e komen, zodat ik hoop dat we tenminste dinsdag 22e kunnen arriveren. Alles dus met voorbehoud even. Maar je hoeft geen bed vast te houden voor mij, want ik wil zowieso met een tent komen.
    (met vreselijk slecht regenweer als er nog bedden vrij zijn, ja dan kom ik ook graag binnen natuurlijk… 😉 )

    Anyway, i want to be there!

    bronse wings fae: FAUNY

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